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Our recent “A&B International student conference” (4-5 April, 2024) between IAE (L2 ESPRI), USMB (France) and Birmingham Business School (University of Birmingham, UK) was a tremendous success, showcasing research and initiative of students from diverse backgrounds and celebrating their exchanges.

Throughout the conference, students had the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build meaningful connections with peers and mentors alike. From exploring emerging trends to tackling pressing demographical issues facing our world today, every session was a testament to their passion and creativity.
We congratulate the enthusiasm, energy, and dedication demonstrated by all participants and we congratulate particularly our winners.



Our congratulations to the winners of the Best Paper awards:
1st Best Paper: Nachammai Lakshmanan (Birmingham Business School)
2nd Best Paper: Pauline Guillard and Ellyn Sassoulas (IAE, USMB)
3rd Best Paper: Karanjit Singh Dubb (Birmingham Business School) & Anaële Bouttier and Morgan Laurent (IAE, USMB)    
To the winners of Excellent Q&A awards:
Angelina Ballard and Carlène Grange (IAE, USMB) and Adrien Speight (Birmingham Business School)
And to Elisa Vindret and Anouchka Bemer (IAE, USMB) for the most original presentation.

Special thanks go to all those who made this conference possible and rendered it such a success:
From the UoB:
Drs Yao Yao and Kamilya Suleymenova – conference organisers
Drs Joseph Bromfield, Sharin McDowall-Emefiele, and Yi Liu – members of the organising committee.
Special thanks for Dr Ceri Davies for attending, co-chairing the sessions, and acting as independent jury member.
From the USMB:
Dr Claire Salmon and Pr Richard Calvi, Dr Sabrina Pérugien, Dr Irina Masson, Valérie Pottier and other members of IAE – conference organisers
Special thanks to Dr Jérémy Tanguy (IAE, USMB) and Dr Benedek Nagi (University of Szeged, Hungary) for being our Guest Speakers and to Dr Haina Ding (IAE, USMB) for her insightful discussion during the conference.
The organising committee would like to thank our student ambassadors for their invaluable assistance, good cheer, and dedication: Lucas Maître and Gaspard Gatellet (L2 INGI Students).