Our Council

The Council of IAE determines all of the main intiatives and politics of the institution. They vote on a budget as well as a director. The 36 members are either elected or appointed, coming from many different sectors; business, local collectives, teachers, students, and administrative employees.

Luc Blanchet, CEO of Botanic, has been the president of the IAE Board since June 19, 2014. He succeeded René Carron, former National President of Crédit Agricole SA. (More information).

Our Board of Directors

Our current director is Claire Salmon. She was reelected as director in November 2018 for a second 5-year term.

The director oversees the decision-making process of the Council, represents IAE within the University Savoie Mont Blanc, manages finances, and presides the jury when diplomas are awarded.

Claire Salmon elected 5 officials to oversee different objectives:

Rachel Bocquet, External Relations and Developement

Amy Church-Morel, International Relations

Jean-Robert Compérat, Quality Assurance

Daniel Françoise, Initiatives, Innovation, and Research

Pascal Gay, Part-time staff and Practitioners

Eric Blandin is the head of administration. He manages the administrative, financial, and material components of IAE.

The Development Council

Our Development Council is a unique and high-regarded organization as they bring together the world of business and the researchers/professors of IAE.

They create, evaluate, and improve academic as well as professional programs on campus.

The Development Council includes the Director of IAE, an elected delegate from the Corporate Club, entrepreneurs, professors and researchers, outside personnel, and students.

The Strategic Orientation Committee

This committee was formed by the Council to oversee the long-term development of IAE. They make proposals regarding programming, research, and partnerships.

Directory and Organization

Administrative Professionals of IAE 2019-2020

Pedagogy of IAE 2019-2020