Some advice to prepare your mobility 

A mobility project must be prepared in advance one year in advance : think about anticipating the steps !

  • In order to choose the most suitable format for your mobility project, consult the opportunities for international study or internship as well as the application or validation procedures that apply to them.
  • Take part in the International Week organised by the USMB International Relations Department (DRI) during the second half of October : various information sessions on departure opportunities, scholarships, etc ... will be offered to you
  • Participate in the information meetings organised by the IAE's International Relations Department at the beginning of the academic year

Presentation of Annecy's international mobilities

Presentation of the international mobilities Chambéry - MI

Presentation of international in Chambéry - CITHEME

What do I have to do once I have been selected for a departure ?

The steps to take as student at the University of Savoie Mont Blanc

Find out about all the steps involved in a mobility, consult the tab " Avant, pendant et après la mobilité"

  • Prepare your grant applications (Erasmus+, Rhône-Alpes Region and CROUS) : Applications, allocation and payment of financial aid are managed by the University of Savoie Mont Blanc : see the "Aides à la mobilité internationale"
  • Depending on the exchange you are going on, you can apply for other complementary grants : OFAJ, UFA, UFI

The personal steps of the student

  • Applications and registrations at the partner university, finding accommodation, obtaining a visa, taking out insurance and buying transport tickets are the responsibility of the student. Some partner universities may offer assistance to students, particularly with accommodation.
  • Obtaining a visa (outside the EU, a visa is required, tourist visas do not allow for internships, see the travel advice section, "Entry/Stay" to see if you need a visa)

Additional resources

Translation of transcripts of records

The IAE provides you with these transcript templates translated into English. You can fill them in with your grades and send them to the IAE's IR department together with your original transcripts to be certified.

Licence Éco-gestion

Licence Science Politique et Relations Internationales 

Licence 3 Économie-Finance

Licence 3 Marketing et Communication

Licence 3 Système d'Information

Licence 3 Tourisme, Hôtellerie, Évènementiel

Licence 4 Business et Commerce International

Master 1 CITHEME

For more practical information and help, please consult this page dedicated to the preparation of your departure.